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Name:Miss Suzy had a steamboat
Birthdate:May 15
I am, in no particular order:

female, queer, Chinese-Canadian, deeply hyphenated, liberal and liberated, a grad student, an avid reader, a fiction writer, a hypersomniac, a geek, a slob, agnostic, fannish, the product of a single parent household, an optimist hiding in a cynic's coat, a planner, a lone wolf, way too fond of parallel sentences and commas, willing to take you on with my bare fists, a terrible cook, a bit in love with everything.

If ever I can't be reached, you can also contact my sister at [info]myfarewells.

Interests (44):

avatar: the last airbender, battlestar galactica, begging for a pony, being a librarian cliche, being punctual, belittling my siblings, biblical textual criticism, books, catching all the pokemon ever, cooking shows, counting on my fingers, documentaries, fairy tales, fandom, flailing around the kitchen, flailing hopelessly around the kitchen, gender, hyphenated identity, inception, jeeves and wooster, love at long last, medieval lit, more ridiculousness!, motherfucking gong li, napping like it's 1999, neatly organized computer files, phoenix wright, pickles, poetry, queerness, raise the red lantern, rare book slash, religious studies, revolutionary girl utena, sff, sherlock holmes, swords, tentacle sex, that time a duck ate out of my hand, the avengers, the social network, video games, xxxholic, yoshinaga fumi
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